Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

(24 May 1686 – 16 September 1736)

a Dutch-German-Polish physicist, engineer, and glass blower who is best known for inventing the mercury thermometer (1714), and for developing a temperature scale now named after him.

According to Fahrenheit's 1724 article,
he determined his scale by reference to three fixed points of temperature. The lowest temperature was achieved by preparing a frigorific mixture of ice, water, and ammonium chloride (a salt), and waiting for it to reach equilibrium. The thermometer then was placed into the mixture and the liquid in the thermometer allowed to descend to its lowest point. The thermometer's reading there was taken as 0 °F. The second reference point was selected as the reading of the thermometer when it was placed in still water when ice was just forming on the surface.[9] This was assigned as 32 °F. The third calibration point, taken as 96 °F, was selected as the thermometer's reading when the instrument was placed under the arm or in the mouth.

Fahrenheit came up with the idea that mercury boils around 600 degrees on this temperature scale. Work by others showed that water boils about 180 degrees above its freezing point. The Fahrenheit scale later was redefined to make the freezing-to-boiling interval exactly 180 degrees, a convenient value as 180 is a highly composite number, meaning that it is evenly divisible into many fractions. It is because of the scale's redefinition that normal body temperature today is taken as 98.6 degrees, whereas it was 96 degrees on Fahrenheit's original scale.

Until the switch to the Celsius scale, the Fahrenheit scale was widely used in Europe. It is still used for everyday temperature measurements by the general population in the United States and Belize and, less so, in the UK and Canada.
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摂氏華氏(°C/°F) seshi kashi

source : nanapi.jp

kashi 華氏 Fahrenheit
seshi 摂氏 Celsius



. Fahrenheit -


Haiku and Senryu

omiyage wa kashi ondokei natsu kitaru

as a present
I get a Fahrneheit thermometer -
summer has come

Kawana Masakazu 川奈正和


32 degrees Fahrenheit Haiku

Chilling, Icy freeze
Sharp on skin, heavy on hunger
Will wind up writing

source : ivanalala.wordpress.com


I'm a "Celsius Girl"
You are my "Fahrenheit Boy"
Warm me by your hug

Estrelya Spica
- www.fictionpress.com


16 below - -
perhaps we should be

(record cold temperatures for January 14th in Flint, Michigan this morning)

sixteen below, is that centigrade ?
It's fahrenheit.

source : Happy Haiku Forum - January 2009


watering flowers -
the spider's hammock
filled with diamonds

They have their little hammocks (not very geometrically organized webs, but real little fabrics among the lilies where Mr. Spider can sink down in the middle and hammock himself to sleep. In the late sunshine they glimmer in all colors when the water hits them.
Evening is still a nice hot 30 centigrade (and a lot more in Fahrenheit). . .

Gabi Greve, July 2004

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