Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo de Rivera

(July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954)

Frida Kahlo de Rivera born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón) was a Mexican painter, born in Coyoacán and is perhaps best known for her self-portraits.

Kahlo's life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home known as the Blue House. She gave her birth date as July 7, 1910, but her birth certificate shows July 6, 1907. Kahlo had allegedly wanted the year of her birth to coincide with the year of the beginning of the Mexican revolution so that her life would begin with the birth of modern Mexico. At the age of six, Frida developed polio, which caused her right leg to appear much thinner than the other. It was to remain that way permanently. Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition, and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form.

Mexican culture and Amerindian cultural tradition are important in her work, which has been sometimes characterized as Naïve art or folk art.Her work has also been described as "surrealist", and in 1938 André Breton, principal initiator of the surrealist movement, described Kahlo's art as a "ribbon around a bomb".

Kahlo had a volatile marriage with the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera. She suffered lifelong health problems, many of which derived from a traffic accident during her years as a teenager. These issues are represented in her works, many of which are self-portraits of one sort or another. Kahlo suggested, "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."
She also stated, "I was born a bitch. I was born a painter."
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“Frida,” starring Selma Hayek, opened in 2002.

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Haiku and Senryu

The definitive Unibrow

date night prep . . .
waxing crescent moon
waxing brow

Shared by Elaine Andre
Joys of Japan, February 2012


dueling frida kahlo haikus

frida kahlo and haikus go together like manchego and quince paste, so, this was bound to happen. my friend julie submitted the first haiku with the appropriate picture -

I don't believe you
I will not look behind me
There is no monkey

O, unibrowed Frida
Your look is Spanish pain, yet
Your paintings rock on ...

Frida, oh good lord!
Thy brow has swallowed him whole.
Is this possible?!

source : marzinka.com/monkey

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