Matsumura Goshun Gekkei


Matsumura Goshun Gekkei
松村呉春 - 松村月渓

April 28, 1752 - September 4, 1811
宝暦2年3月15日 Hooreki (1752年4月28日)
- 文化8年7月17日 Bunka (1811年9月4日))

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Japanese Painter of the Edo Period and founder of the Shijō school of painting.
He was a disciple of the painter and poet Yosa Buson (1716–1784), a master of Japanese southern school painting.

... he began his education as a painter very early. In those years his masters were painters of the nanga-style, learned scholars of the literati-traditions that had come over from china, among them Yosa Buson (1716–1784) who taught Goshun among other things literati-painting and haiku-poetry.

... By 1787 it was certain that he would have to join up with another band of painters, so he worked with the circle of painters around Maruyama Ōkyo (Maruyama Okyo 1733–1795) to work at the screen-doors of the Daijō-ji, a temple in Hyōgo prefecture.
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The Shijoo ha 四条派 Shijo school of painting, named after the
Fourth street (shijoo 四条) in Kyoto, where most painters lived.


Painting by Gekkei

kiri hioke mugen no koto no nadegokoro

this paulownia brazier -
it feels like striking a koto
without strings

haiku by Buson

source : www.kobijutsu-kyoto.jp

hioke, hibachi from paulownia wood

. Hibachi, Braziers 火鉢  .

koto zither from paulownia wood


nisan shaku aki no hibiki ya otoshimizu

water falls down
for two three shaku -
sounds of autumn

one shaku is about 30 cm.

. water falls down - otoshimizu .
draining the paddies during the dog days of summer


ash container

uzumibi ya
kanate urami no
yoi ta ete

my jealousy,
like an ash-covered charcoal fire
has survived the night

Signed: Gekkei
Sealed: Goshun

source : www.sarugallery.com


Japanese Reference

松村月渓 - Gekkei

松村呉春 - Goshun

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