Mukai Chine


Mukai Chine 向井千子

(? - 1688)
She was the third daughter of Mukai 向井元升. She married the head of a marine trading company 廻船問屋 Shimizu Tooemon 清水藤右衛門.

She was the sister of one of the 10 important disciples of Matsuo Basho

. Mukai Kyorai 向井去来 .
Kyorai lived in
Rakushisha 落柿舎 "Hermitage of the fallen persimmon".


higashi nishi aware sa hitotsu aki no kaze

source : a-kakejikujp by 木村亮平

East and west
the deep feeling is but one:
autumn wind

Tr. Barnhill

East and west
Just one melancholy -
Autumn wind.

Tr. Takafumi Saito

east, west
a single type of sorrow —
autumn wind

Tr. John Carley

Written in the eighth lunar month of 1688 貞享5年

Basho was in Edo (East), and his disciple Kyorai was in Ise (West), on a trip with his sister and fellow haiku poet Chine, who died on the road on the 15th day of the 5th lunar month.

higashi nishi aware mo onaji aki no kaze

east west (me in the east, you in the west)
(our) deep sorrow (mourning) is the same -
autumn wind

Tr. Gabi Greve

higashi nishi aware sa onaji aki no kaze
(Oi no kobumi)


Basho also wrote the following poem at the early death of Chine and send his letter of condolence to Kyorai in Kyoto. She was just 25 years when she died.

naki hito no kosode mo ima ya doyoo boshi

even the robe
of the deceased included -
dog-day airing

Tr. virginia university

The kimono of the deceased,
Must be exposed to the sun,
in this Doyo season.

Tr. Ozeko

This short-sleeve kimono
Of the deceased
Now in summer aired.

Tr. Takafumi Saito

In summer, on the hottest dog days, robes are aired outside in the garden. At the home of Kyorai, all things are aired too and the memories of his sister must well up even more deeply when he sees her robes swinging in the wind.

. WKD : doyoo-boshi 土用干し drying during the dog-days .


Her Death Verse

moe yasuku mata kie yasuki hotaru kana

How readily the firefly glows!
As readily its light goes out.

Tr. A. Miyamori

it glows so easily
and it goes out so easily -
this firefly

Tr. Gabi Greve


Japanese Reference

Reference - 向井千子

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