Ozawa Minoru


Ozawa Minoru

小澤實 (オザワ ミノル)  
Born 1956 in Nagano

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Editor of 鷹
Editor of the Haiku Magazine SAWA 澤

小沢実集 Ozawa Haiku Collection

Prize-winning books:
Haiku collection 立像 Ritsuzo (Statue)
Haiku collection 瞬間 Shunkan (The Moment)

俳句のはじまる場所 Haiku no Hajimaru Basho
ISBN 978-4-04-703410-5

Teacher at Atomi Gakuen 跡見学園女子大学
Saitama prefecture

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Contemporary Writing from Japan

Join one of Japan's most influential cultural critics and translators, Motoyuki Shibata, as he engages four innovative and hybrid literary voices — leading contemporary novelist Hiromi Kawakami, eminent Haiku poet Minoru Ozawa, and their Japan-inspired American counterparts, novelist Rebecca Brown and poet and translator Joshua Beckman.
Writers and translators will discuss their most formative shared "Japanamerican" influences from science fiction to manga and the serious performative play of Japanese renga poetry.

Minoru Ozawa (b. 1956) is a leading haiku poet, and edits the highly regarded haiku journal Sawa. He won the Haiku Poet Association New Poet Award with his second collection Ritsuzo (Statue) in 1998; his 2005 collection Shunkan (The Moment) was awarded the Yomiuri Prize for Literature; and Haiku no Hajimaru Basho (Where the Haiku Begins), a book-length essay on the art of haiku, won the Haiku Poet Association Criticism Award. He teaches at Atomi Gakuen Women's University.

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Minoru Ozawa: Haiku
The following are haiku by Minoru Ozawa, translated from the Japanese
by Ted Goossen and Motoyuki Shibata,
2011 PEN World Voices Festival participants.

A ghost! / Just a knot / on the bathroom wall
From the black depths / of the toilet bowl / a ghost emerges
A woman stands transfixed / before the ghost / by Ohkyo
Something was definitely / peering down / from above the mosquito net
The ghost / of the blind female minstrel / strolls on
Afternoon nap / I gaze down / At my own bones
Cloudy morning / I hit the skull / like a drum
All you see / is willows in the storm / The painting of a ghost.

School excursion / kids spill from the bus / without end
Who will blink first? / Two octopi / Eye to eye
Soaring high / Over the morning market / a big dragonfly
A dead loach / one white stripe / in a tubful of loaches
Memento mori / beach sandals / in such bright colors

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nehanzu no kai ika ni shite kitari kemu

the shell on the Nehanzu -
I wonder how it came
to be there ?

. Nirvana Ceremony (Nehan-E 涅槃会)  
Buddha entering Nirvana

. . . . .

Kankoku no kutsu nagare-tsuku natsu no kure

shoes from Korea
drift on the shore -
twilight in summer

A lot of waste and dirt from Korea is washed on the shores of Japan along the Sea of Japan.

. Korea in art and haiku .  

Tr. Gabi Greve


English Reference
. Minoru Ozawa

Japanese Reference
. 小澤實 俳句

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