Murou Saisei


Murou Saisei 室生犀星
(1889 - 1962)

1889年(明治22年)8月1日 - 1962年(昭和37年)3月26日)

室生犀星記念館 Murou Saisei Kinenkan Museum

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Muro Saisei ,
one of Kanazawa's three great writers of literature, loved the Saigawa river dearly and wrote many stories about Kanazawa. Located at the site of Saisei's birth, this museum boasts a large collection of his works, his own handwritten manuscripts, and other articles left by him.

source : Murou Saisei Kinenkan Museum


Saisei Ki 犀星忌 (さいせいき) Saisei Memorial Day

March 26.

. Memorial Days of Famous People


His real name was Murō Terumichi.
Born in 1889, he was given birth by his mother Hal, who was never formally married to his father, Kobata Yozaemon-kichidane, a low-ranked military commander from the Kobata family. Right after his birth, he was adopted by Akai Hatsu, a common-law wife of Muro Shinjo, the chief priest at Uho Temple (真言宗寺院雨宝院). He gained his Muro family name at the age of seven when he was formally adopted by his stepfather.
During his childhood, he was bullied by peers as 'the mistress' child'. At the same time, he craved for a mother he never had.

It was after World War II that Saisei established his status as a novelist, producing many excellent novels. "Anzukko"(Apricot-girl) released in 1958 was a partial autobiography based on his daughter Asako. He won the Yomiuri Prize for this piece. Also in 1958, he received the Mainichi Publishing Culture Prize for his review "The biography of my beloved poet". For his classic based novel "Remenants from the Mayfly's diary" (1959), he received the Noma Literary Prize. In the following year, he created the 'Muro Saisei Poet Prize' from the money he received from the prize. He died of cancer in 1962.
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Hi no Sakana (火の魚)
is a Japanese novel written by Murō Saisei in 1960. The novel was adapted as a TV drama by NHK Hiroshima in 2009.
The theme of the drama is "the brightness of the life".

The story is about the episodes of a book cover which was made for Murō Saisei’s other novel
"Mitsu no Aware (蜜のあはれ)”
by book designer "Kumiko Tochiori" in 1959.
In the original book, they communicate with letters each other.
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wakamizu ya hito no koe suru kaki no yami

first water -
the hedge in the dark sounds
like a man's voice

. First Water (wakamizu)   


kaizome no bendai tsurusu kotatsu kana

the first purchase
of a bendai hangs
above the kotatsu
. . .

. bendai 紅鯛 "red Tai"
a New Year decoration in Kanazawa

. Kotatsu, heatable table  


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Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

sasanaki ya Magome wa kaki mo madara nite

nightingale in winter -
the fences of Magome
have become scarce

There is a memorial stone of this haiku near the temple Manpuku-Ji 万福寺の句碑.