Light, lights



Light, lights

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Non-seasonal Topic
***** Category: Humanity / Heaven


The word LIGHT / LIGHTS just like that is not kigo.
The compound "festival lights" is not a kigo.

It neads a modifyer to tell us wheather it is inside a home our outside, a streetlight, headlight of a car, a neon light or something happening in the sky.
We also need to know which festival is indicated to determine the season of the kigo.

Let us look at some kigo related to this.

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in alphabetical order
(many Japanese words use the part AKARI )

. Autumn dusk, autumn twilight (aki no kure) Japan

Candle Night Japan

Cherry blossoms "in the light" 花明り(はなあかり)hana akari

Christmas with many light decorations, christmas tree decorations

Dawn in spring, Spring morning light (shungyoo, haru no akebono)

Daylight Savings Time (DST) worldwide

Divali (Diwali, India) Devali, Divalli ... a festival of lights in India

Fire, camp fire, firework display The God of Fire

First Sun, First Sunrise (hatsuhi, hatsuhi no de) Japan
"first light", hatsu akari

Lamplight in various seasons Japan.

Light offerings afloat (tooroo nagashi) mukaebi, okuribi

Lightning (inazuma) Japan

Moonlight, the moon

Polar Night Polar Circle, white night

No light ...
Power failure, power cut, electricity rationing, blackout ...

Shadow (kage)

Sliding doors : akari shooji 明り障子 light sliding doors

Spotlight, heavenly spotlight from sun or moon

... Spring light, spring shining (shunkoo) Japan
..... wind shining (kaze hikaru) Japan

Sunlight, sunrise, sunset

Twilight, dusk (kure, tasogare) Japan. Worldwide. a LIST

Winter lights 冬灯 fuyu akari

yuki akari 雪明(ゆきあかり)light from snow, snow light

Things found on the way


so many lights
in the whole wide world -
peace for all

Gabi Greve, October 2009

Related words

World Day for Peace and Light
October 10
source : Modite Otomi
kigo for autumn

World Day of Peace
kigo for winter
is a feast day of the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to peace which is held on January 1, on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. It was introduced in 1967 and was inspired by the encyclicals Pacem in Terris and Populorum Progressio of John XXIII and Paul VI.
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***** World Days ..... a growing list


on the temple roof -
and silence

Gabi Greve, Japan
October 2009



anonymous said...

lights come on even earlier in winter
much later in summer

but modern cityscapes and modern landscapes all year are marked by lights coming on.

however generally humanity just went to bed earlier, the sooner the sun went down...

lights, lighting is very much the antithesis of nature and the natural

anonymous said...


by Modite Otomi

During the day of October 10th each person is invited to pray with his heart and to celebrate Light, Peace, Love and Happiness in order to create a positive energy for the Humanity and the Earth.
Thanks to this powerful energy of Light and Love souls will be able to feel the Source in their heart and to wake up.

This worldwide day for Peace and Light invites all religions to meet with the same intention because in each of them the same message of Love, Peace, Light and Happiness is present.

(quote from Facebook)

Anonymous said...

Caribbean Kigo Kukai #08

Light, Lights