Shoso Otsuni . Iwama Otsuni


Shoso Otsuni / Shoosoo Otsuni
Iwama Otsuni 岩間乙二 (いわまおつに)

Ivama Ocuni, Iwama Otuni
(1756 - 1823)

otsu and ni both mean TWO.

Many of his haiku are about the customs and life in Northern Japan. He was born in Shiraishi Town. He settled in Shiraishi later and was known as the Old man from Mount Wasurezu わすれず山の翁. He was the priest of temple Senjuu-In 千住院.
He died on July 9 at the age of 69.

He studied a lot about Taniguchi Buson (Yosa Buson).

He was one of the great four poets, "Shitennoo" 奥州俳諧四天王 in Northern Japan.
He travelled a lot, mostly in Northern Japan and even to Hakodate, Hokkaido, and promoted haiku in this area, with the support of the Lord of Matsumae Han. He took the name of 斧柯社 in Hokkaido.

Another name was
Wasurezu yama no ogina わすれず山の翁 Old Man from Wasurezu Mountain

Wasurezuyama (Wasuresu no yama)不忘山 is a mountain in Miyagi perfecture, Shiroishi town. It is about 1705 meters high and belongs to the mountain range of Zao 蔵王連峰.

Kakejiku by Shoso Otsuni, Hakodate
Photo from Ishino san

His grave is at mount Jinbayama 陣場山.


Quote from

Fact and fiction meet in re-creation of Ainu past
... snip ....

One such account by the haiku poet Otsuni (1756-1823) gives us a glimpse of Ainu life in the early 19th century. When Otsuni and his traveling companions wake one morning to find that two of their seven packhorses, left untethered overnight, are nowhere to be seen, a young Ainu woman jumps on a horse bareback and in no time brings them back. It was something few Japanese could dream of a woman doing, and left a lasting impression on Otsuni.


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芹堤で 出たりな鷺の すみかより

寝て起きて 愚(おろか)も是(これ)や 春心


春の朝 蜆(しじみ)は黒きものぞかし

名月の 夜にも炭やく 煙かな


涼しさや 願のいとの吹きたまる

© PHOTO http://www.city.hakodate.hokkaido.jp/soumu/hensan/hyakuchin/104.htm



source : buuwataru

plate about his haiku memorial stone

tsuru nado wa toshi yoru mono o haru no yama

even a crane
has to get older -
spring in the mountains


source : taishi

kuri maku ya wasuresu no yama nishi ni shite

planting chestnuts -
Mount Wasurezu
in the West

This stone is in the park in Shiroishi town, Masuoka.
白石市益岡町 Miyagi.

Wasuresu no yama 不忘山


koronda o e ni mite hisashi nabe matsuri

Read three versions in English here:
source : Robin Gill

. WKD : "pot festival", nabe matsuri 鍋祭(なべまつり) .


Basho of the North 北の芭蕉 - 松窓乙二伝

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Introducing Japanese Haiku Poets 


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